Center for Not for Profit Excellence


Join the Center for Not for Profit Excellence:

  • Change your perspective on your organization.

  • Discover influential tactics to acquire donations.

  • Attract professional board members and employees

  • Learn the secrets to effective and efficient meetings. 

  • Full-throttle, 3-day workshop

  • June 18-20; Noon Central on Zoom

  • Bonus: 30 minute 1-on-1 session with me for all attendees


Not for profit organizations often struggle to survive, manage, raise funds, and deliver effective services. Great ones move past the usual challenges. Weak ones flounder and fail.

Welcome to The Catholic CEO’s “Center for Not for Profit Excellence”!

Joining the Center will add supercharged tools to advance the success of your not for profit organization.

Who is the Center for?

Not for profits. 501c3’s. NGOs. Associations. Charities. Missions. Apostolates. Foundations. Fraternities. Guilds. Syndicates. Coalitions. Federations. Leagues.  

Our next offering on June 18th, 19, and 20th (noon Central to 1:00 p.m.) will include:

  • Three power-packed, exclusive working sessions to:
  • Accelerate the impact of your leadership team (board chair, top managers, etc.) on a lasting basis.
  • Deploy powerful tools to stabilize and sustain your financial situation permanently. Fund raise in a crowded space with donor fatigue.
  • Up your governance and decision making process continuously, especially for the novice member.
  • Daily optional bonus feature Q & A and case review discussion with The Catholic CEO’s Henry Kutarna, an expert in not for profit leadership and governance.
  • All sessions are recorded. You will receive a permanent copy. Slides and other course materials too.


DAY 1:

  • Diagnostic tools to assess the state of your leadership team – board chair, top manager, committees, and executive committees.
  • Recovery and corrective strategies for updating and strengthening board members, volunteers, and committee heads.
  • Time management, “death by meeting”, project management, setting goals, and getting the job done..


DAY 2:

  • Financial management tools. Fundraising traps. Financial stability. Growth. Donor base. Events planning.
  • Templates for superior financial reporting. Timeliness of information. Metrics and information dashboards. Drawing the correct conclusions from processes. How to consult appropriately.
  • Developing a robust annual work plan/annual budget. Staying on course. Measuring progress. Accountability. Avoiding the traps.


DAY 3:

  • Standard models of not for profit governance – where does your organization stand on the scale?
  • Diagnosing problem situations + case studies in superior governance measures.
  • Who speaks for the board? Who governs staff? How do staff committee heads engage with staff members? How many bosses are there? Who is accountable? 

Don't pay 10K-100K for a consultant who has never run a not-for-profit and only knows how to make money off of you. Consultants are expensive. This course is your consultant in a box. And you have lifetime access to the material, even if you can't make it to the live sessions.

Join the Center and move past the usual problems and barriers to success. Grow your skill set. Become uncommonly excellent! Remember that you get a 30 minute, 1-on-1 session with me as a bonus if you join!

Cost of the Catholic Center for Not for Profit Excellence: $289 or 4 payments of $77