30+ Bookings in 45 Minutes!

Slow to Explosive Sales

This past spring, The Catholic CEO team put together a customer reactivation campaign for a mobile pet groomer friend of mine. His sales were flat before the campaign. After? Wow!

Business exploded!

Imagine this:

A 45-minute campaign that created 30+ appointments. He told us to turn it off! Too many bookings!

The second run of the campaign lasted one day. It booked him solid for 4 weeks.

We are not even running it at full speed any more because he can't find enough people to do all the work!

This from a customer list of under 300.


Other Businesses Are Facing Flat Sales

Many other small businesses are also telling us that sales are flat and past customers are not coming back.

This is nothing to do with supply chain stuff or inflation or wars.

It’s some kind of flat feeling thing with past customers.

We’ve heard this from service providers like pet groomers, carpet cleaners, hair shops, bookkeeping firms, copy shops, nail shops, tattoo parlors, house cleaners, business centers, fitness studios, and others.

Just last week I heard from personal friends that run a three location fitness studio, a hair salon, and a house cleaning team. Customers are not coming back as everyone thinks they should.

I listened to some really serious stories.

MOST were shut down for two years – which was trouble enough!

And, now that they are re-opening, customers seem to have all forgotten or gone away. They are not all coming back automatically. Uh oh.

What’s going on?

It’s simple, once you look into it. Customers need motivation! They need to be zapped into action!



Revitalize Your Customer List

  • Reconnect with past customers.
  • Make interesting and creative offers.
  • Design bold and novel innovations.
  • Perk up your social media and that dull website.
  • Show LOVE to your past customers.
  • GRAB their attention again.
  • Create amazing and stunning offers. I mean STUNNING! Not some 10% coupon thing. Come on! Really show you love them.

Our team is helping people kick-start a whole new relationship with past customers – and new ones. Contact us.


We Can Help

You know what else people are saying?

Not only do they want us to show them how -- MANY are saying: “Can you do this for me?”

You bet!

Contact us.

  • We’ve recently hired a great Catholic team of sales and customer reactivation specialists.
  • They get the idea of a Catholic Economy.
  • They are high energy.
  • They know what they are doing.
  • They have jelled quickly.
  • They are eager to get you faster results.

God bless you, your family, and your works. You can be Catholic and successful in business. Believe it.


How to Contact Us

We have a whole library of various sales campaigns to revitalize your business. Email us to schedule a time to see what will work best for you. You will be talking with Joey Ndu, our digital sales guru. **He's the one who put together the customer reactivation campaign for my pet groomer friend.**

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