The Catholic CEO Blog

  • Operations and Lifetime Value of a Customer

    An operations strategy is a process of how you do your work in a standardized, repetitive fashion. This guarantees that your customers will trust that if they buy something from you next time and the next time, the quality will be the same.
  • Real Estate Investing Life Lessons

    18 lessons from Henry Kutarna, The Catholic CEO, a lifelong real estate investor. Don't learn these lessons the hard way, learn from an expert. Henry can help.
  • Eyeballs and Money

    Eyeballs equal money in business. The only cost-effective way to digitally market around algorithms is through email.
  • Business Health During a Recession... or Any Time

    During difficult times, like now, it’s critical to have a weekly dashboard that gives you a quick update on the health of your business.
  • Side Gig

    A side gig can bring you added security as well as income. It is practice for a full-time business or can remain a side hustle.
  • Business Conflicts and How to Solve Them

    Coaching session where Henry Kutarna, The Catholic CEO helps business partners resolve conflict.
  • Shorten the Chain

    By cutting out a link in the supply chain here or there, my client is gaining a few points of margin, improving financial performance, speeding up the sales cycle, and impressing his customers.
  • A Big Mistake in Sales

    People are making a huge mistake in sales. The mistake is that they focus on a market segment for their product that they think is the right one, and do not test the market.
  • Bank Financing: Almost Impossible When You Need It

    It's almost impossible to get financing from a bank when you actually need it because the human element is gone from the banking business.
  • 30+ Bookings in 45 Minutes!

    This past spring, The Catholic CEO team put together a customer reactivation campaign for a mobile pet groomer. His sales were flat before the campaign. After? Wow!
  • Run Your Catholic Business in 35 Hours Per Week or Less

    The secret of how to run your Catholic business in 35 hours a week max! Seven tools to implement to get you there. The Catholic CEO
  • Value Claims Must Be True

    I challenged a really great business guy that claimed his product saves builders three weeks of labor costs. I challenged him to show exactly how that goes to the bottom line.