The Catholic CEO Blog

  • The Chicken or the Egg-- for Startups.

    The chicken or egg problem for startups. No building if you don't have revenue. No revenue if you don't have a building in which to do business.
  • 11 Creative Tactics to Attract Service Employees

    In an age of handouts to not work, how do you get people to work in the service industry? Here are 11 creative tactics to attract people to work.
  • Economic Disaster?

    We are already in a recession. Do you believe the inflation rate? I don't. Calculate your real inflation rate. For your business. For your family.
  • Leadership: Change it up

    There are only 2 reasons to change leadership. The Catholic CEO is an executive coach and mentor.
  • What would Gandalf do?

    The first of three steps to solve your procrastination problem. The Catholic CEO helps principled entrepreneurs solve their business problems.
  • Do Not Re-hire

    You should not rehire someone who has left your company. The Catholic CEO team assists clients daily with this and other hiring challenges.
  • Stop Overthinking!

    To help with overthinking, create a decision tree where you narrow down your decisions to the micro-decision level. The Catholic CEO
  • Eliminate Procrastination

    A client was stuck in an endless loop of coming up with ideas but not acting on them. Our great team assists clients daily with this and other procrastination challenges.
  • Product vs. Business

    Is it a product or a business? As an investor in start-ups I’ve noticed a trend where people believe that developing a product is the same as deve...
  • Ego vs Principles

    An objective outside party can see immediately whether ego is at work or principles. The Catholic CEO assists principles leaders.
  • GK Chesterton Leadership Lessons

    A few quotes by GK Chesterton that shed some light on leadership. Compiled by The Catholic CEO, we help principled leaders excel.
  • Investing and the Catholic Economy

    How investment will work in the Catholic economy. Grants, loans, and equity investment will be available to the entrepreneur with help from advisors.