Eliminate Procrastination

How do you actually make a decision on what to do next?

Last week a client revealed the constant struggle with how to make a decision on what business to start. He got into an endless repeating loop – sort of like that great Star Trek episode where the crew keeps reliving the same few moments in an endless loop.

I offered the idea of making a short list of 3 to 5 criteria that would reflect a “good” decision. The client would run various options through this funnel. The criteria could change from time to time – and this would actually strengthen the eventual outcome. The client would run this process several times over.

This method works when you have to make a decision quickly OR slowly. Why?

Because this simple (but not simplistic) process is deliberate, disciplined, and objective.

Our great team assists clients daily with this and other procrastination challenges. We help principled leaders excel!

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