Run Your Catholic Business in 35 Hours Per Week or Less

Don’t you dare spend more than 35 hours a week running your Catholic business!

First thought into your head: ha ha. Sure. Get real.

Believe it. I now have the secret of how to run your Catholic business in 35 hours a week max!

Any kind.

Any size.

Any stage.

Starting now.

It’s not going to be some thing about delegation, or detaching yourself, or hiring a huge team of expensive people. Nope.

Two questions might come to your mind at first:

1. Why?

2. How?

Well, maybe why is not a real question. I hope we’d all know why.

But just in case, let me tell you why:

  • To live a Catholic ordered life with priorities: God first, family next, yourself third, “other” such as your business, down the list.
  • To support your spouse and family first.
  • To not buy into the consumerist mentality.
  • To not buy into the ego tempting game of building wealth, increasing your life style, building a bigger house, getting the toys, and so on. Remember: the eye of the needle and the camel.
  • To have time for prayer, sacrifice (penance), charitable acts, the pursuit of virtue, and good reading (scripture, church fathers, saints).

But the big question is HOW?

7 specific tools (the Rule of Seven!):

1. A weekly dashboard of no BS metrics (KPIs) that signals the state of key indicators in your business – pre-analyzed to draw conclusions for you in numeric and color-coded (red light, yellow light, green light). Results not just activities.

2. A high intensity peer-group to watch your back, hold you accountable, and accelerate your progress towards heaven first and business second (The Catholic CEO offers “Upper Room”, “St. Joseph Workshop”, and “CBA: Catholic Business Accelerator” and “PAB –personal advisory boards”).

3. A sharp early detection sales process and funnel, with detailed performance standards that shorten your sales cycle, accurately forecast revenue, use the right sales and marketing tools, feed customer constant customer discovery data points.

4. A brilliant spreadsheet financial analysis system that records, predicts, simulates, forecasts, and early-warns you about vital information.

5. A foolproof three-step hiring process that includes a quarterly plus-delta analysis to increase performance, avoid hiring mistakes, bring in self regulating behavior, and that puts company culture clearly out there.

6. On-site workflow and trouble shooting triads with freedom to act that fix problems and get rewarded right away.

7. The most exciting performance enhancing and reward system that will come into use in the next five years.

Where do you go to get these tools?

Check upcoming announcements about our “Upper Room”, “St. Joseph Workshop”, and “CBA – Catholic Business Accelerator”.

God bless you, your family, and your works. You can be Catholic and successful in business. Believe it.

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