A Big Mistake in Sales

I was in a discussion with Joey Ndu, our really smart sales and digital sales virtuoso at The Catholic CEO.

Joey knows what he’s talking about.

We’re thrilled he’s part of this team.

He reminded us that people are making a huge mistake in sales. The mistake is that they focus on a market segment for their product that they think is the right one.

Without proof, they dive into all sorts of activities to get contacts and introductions to decision makers in that segment.

What’s the problem with this?

It’s the wrong approach!

It’s a costly, time sucking method.

We live in a world of complex markets, interwoven segments, complex sub-markets, and complex sub-micro segments.

No one can simply guess (or assume) they know the exact segment that will love their product and buy it.

From Joey – you can’t find the right segment without performing a certain kind of test.

Stay tuned.

We’ll tell you about that test in a minute.

What’s my point?

Joey reminded us that you cannot, must not, and should not assume you know the right segment into which you will sell your product without testing your assumptions!

The complex interplay of markets and segments is beyond the individual mind.

Okay, the test, Henry, the test!

OK. The test.

THE TEST: You perform rapid round email and direct message forays into multiple different segments with multiple different messaging simultaneously and for short periods. Get in. Read the signals. Move on.

If you do this, the market will tell you which segment wants your product and what message to tag it with to get a response.

Imagine how frustrating it would be if you picked a segment that you think is the right one and made long and elaborate moves into it, getting introductions to the key decision makers, etc., and focusing only on that one. You would burn a lot of hours and time. And money. And you still would be focusing on one of maybe hundreds of segments and sub-segments. It would be like a shot in the dark. A real waste of time. And slow!

Joey says: “Do rapid tests. Create several different messages. Shoot these into multiple segments using email or direct message to mobile devices in short bursts.

You will see results right away and your sales funnel will identify itself to you.”

The model of you trying to guess the right market segment and the right message can no longer be sustained. Learn more in my free email series.

God bless you, your family, and your works. You can be Catholic and successful in business. Believe it.

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