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Hello everyone! We’re just in the early stages of Lent. May yours be penitential! The mission of The Catholic CEO, under the patronage of St. Joseph, is to assist Catholic business leaders to bring active Catholic principles and practices into their business. You can be Catholic and successful in business! Believe it. 

Even in the few weeks since our launch many friends not of the Catholic persuasion have remarked that they too seek to operate under a higher order set of principles. In a couple of cases I had candid discussions with other Christians and Jews who understand that the natural law is not simply a Catholic concept. The natural law is indeed written on the heart of the entrepreneur too.

We are starting to see traction in a variety of products and services. Deo gratias! These are not just for Catholics. But we do bring in the Catholic perspective freely. Check out what I mean.


Find value from The Catholic CEO Through:

  • Free 15-minute phone call. Book a call with me via the website- click on "Book a free intro call" on the initial video on The Catholic CEO homepage.
    • Ask any question.
    • Find out more about what we do.
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    • Provide input.
    • Suggest an idea.
    • Tell me what’s on your mind.
    • Explore how we can help.
  • Emergency/crisis consult. Book an hour @$99 and I’ll add additional free help. If you are in a business crisis or emergency The Catholic CEO has valuable immediate solution finding for you.
    • With our rapid analysis template we can figure out at least some immediate steps and lay out crucial homework to get you back on course.
  • The Catholic CEO Forum. Join a group of Catholic business leaders who meet in a professionally facilitated, confidential, safe place meeting for three hours a month to seek input from (non-competing) peers, solve issues, explore opportunities, fix problems, and accelerate their personal and
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    business performance.
    • The Catholic CEO is an award winning facilitator and founder of such groups.
    • Our rapid, focused process adds immediate value, in real-time! $99 a meeting billed on a quarterly basis.
    • Add private 1-2-1 mentoring for $99 a meeting (usually about one hour or a bit more). There is clear evidence such peer groups result in “better/faster than the competition” scale of performance.
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      • Custom mentoring package. Business mentoring package creatively customized for your specific situation.
        • Rate starts at $250 an hour with very attractive pricing options that show sensitivity to your reality.
        • Call for a private discussion.
      • Catholic Family Business Webinar. $999. This ten-session (e.g. ten weeks) webinar delivered in one-hour modules with homework is designed to assist in your family business start-up or in your re-launch/pivot of an existing business.
        • Particular focus on your situation.
        • Curriculum custom-designed for your need (e.g. transition from founder to successor, raising capital, learning which hat to wear when you are a family member working inside a business structure or hierarchy, growth, board governance, sales pipeline, etc.).
        • Pricing advantage if two or more family businesses sign up together. Plenty of extra help by phone or email included.
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      • Online courses. Three hours total content delivered in six half-hour chapters. Homework given. Print outline and notes included. Includes a free half hour personal discussion with The Catholic CEO. **Coming Soon**
        • The 12 Key Question Format for a Powerful Pitch Deck . ($99) If you are raising capital, approaching the bank, or putting forward a case for expansion, new products, new markets, etc., this course teaches you how to build a convincing pitch deck.
        • How To Get Investment Ready – The Inside Story of How the Investor Thinks About Your Pitch. ($99) If you are seeking seed financing from friends and relatives, angel financing, other start-up capital, or your first bank financing, you need to know how to position your case.
        • The Catholic CEO is adding new courses regularly. Contact me to suggest topics.
      • The Home Based Business Seminar. The stay at home, homeschooling mother, the retired grandparent, the father making the jump from the
        Icon for home business consulting, coaching, mentoring webinar.corporate world to the home based business, the student looking for a side gig, and practically anyone who wants to earn extra income needs this seminar. **Coming Soon**
          • Two 60-minute sessions on “How To Set Up and Run a Successful Home Based Business. Priced to respect the financial reality of the large Catholic family.
          • Delivered individually or in a group @$60 per family or $40 per family if three or more families join.
          • Free half-hour Q and A session a month later to follow-up.
        • Other Support and Help. There are other valuable products and content “in design”, based on input from American and Canadian business leaders excited about the idea of business success from a Catholic perspective. You can be Catholic and a business success. Believe it!


        God bless. 

        Contact me, The Catholic CEO, Henry Kutarna to talk about this. Thanks for joining me today!


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