The Catholic Economy, Part 3: How to Handle Losing Your Job For Conscience Reasons

The Catholic CEO recently held a workshop for people who have lost their jobs, or may soon lose their jobs, for conscience reasons.


The workshop had 3 tracks.

1. Stay and Fight -The speaker was John Carpay, president and founder of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  • John gave practical steps people can take to fight for your conscience rights in the workplace.
  • He also gave some hope to the participants through his wisdom and experience in these matters.
  • Visit the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms website.


2. Find a New Job

  • Speakers were Donna Crombie, coach, mentor, and career counsellor; and Michelle Dunne, Catholic strengths coach.
  • Donna gave insight into how to tap into the hidden job market, where most of the jobs are available. She also gave tips on interviewing and resume building. -
  • Get help from Donna
  • Michelle helped people to transition into a new job by offering a way to help people know their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Get help from Michelle 


3. Start Your Own Business

  • Speakers were Henry Kutarna, The Catholic CEO, and Joseph Mastrangelo, owner and roaster at Zelie Beans Coffee.
  • Henry gave some practical steps to start your own business.
  • Joseph shared his journey as a Catholic business owner who does not sell a Catholic product. He also shared how he lost his job amidst starting his coffee roasting business.
  • Visit Zelie Beans Coffee 


St. Joseph, pray for us!

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