Ego vs Principles

Let’s say you are digging in your heels on something. Is your ego driving that decision or your principles?

  1. Ego denies an external review.
  2. Ego refuses to discuss the situation with trusted advisors.
  3. Ego fixes the decision in stone right away.
  4. Ego may even play the vacillation trick – whipsawing the mind back and forth out of fear.
  5. Principles seek support mechanism(s) for a second look.
  6. Principles continuously examine the matter from different perspectives.
  7. Principles seek a benchmark and other objective truth by which to measure the effects of the ultimate decision you will make.

An objective outside party can see immediately whether ego is at work or principles. It’s hard for us to see unless we have high EQ.

Our great team assists clients daily with this and other leadership challenges. We help principled leaders excel!

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