How to be a Catholic Running a Catholic Business

How to visibly demonstrate, by your actions and decisions, that you are a Catholic running a Catholic business:

  1. During the workday- have some quiet time available- if everyone is Catholic at your business, have prayer time at the beginning of the day. 
    • If there are people of other faiths, have a quiet time, prayer, reflection time, etc.
    • It is better and takes more courage to actually say that we start our workday with prayer.
  2. Bible study- during a break or lunchtime, have a bible study
    • Challenge for Catholics is that we use authority to interpret the bible
    • We need to know what we’re talking about or invite someone who knows what they’re talking about, like your parish priest
  3. Display of religious art
    • People are sensitive to this, so many business owners hide their faith.
    • It would be powerful if someone walked into your place of business and saw an icon or a crucifix or some other Catholic art
    • Put a Catholic symbol on your packaging or products, such as AMDG or Chi Rho, etc.
  4. Set aside a room or space for prayer- a chapel at your business
    • You then encourage prayer and even giving time for it
    • Have “open hours” for your chapel where anyone could drop in and spend some time there
  5. Child care- we respect and honor the family
    • Traditional family has one spouse working (traditionally the husband) and the other staying home, but it’s not always possible
    • For those where it’s not possible, have onsite child care
    • Find out what it would cost
    • Could be a homeschool coop
    • A place where a priest or sister could teach catechism to the children
    • At the very least, you could have a Catholic atmosphere at your onsite child care
  6. Donations- businesses often ask businesses for donations
    • Donate to the causes your employees support, if they do not contradict Catholic teaching, and especially if they are Catholic
    • Donate your services
    • Mass stipends- offer Mass for the intentions of your employees, their spiritual and physical good
  7. Gifts on special occasions- give gift cards to your employees from businesses owned by Catholics
  8. Acknowledge the sacrifices your employees make for your business- in writing or verbally
  9. Honor and mark the Catholic occasions in the families of your employees- baptism, confirmation, ordination, etc.
  10. Have events for your employees and their families- if all your employees are Catholic, you could have a Mass at your events.

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