Tests To Determine Quality

How do you guarantee “high quality” service or products?

Everybody claims they deliver high quality service. Everybody claims they build the
highest quality products.

Two good tests:

  • Error rate.
  • Efficiency.


Error Rate:

  1. The main ways to test your error rates:
    Develop a “product” standard and be able to measure it – whether on a fully
    continuous basis or on a periodic audit or sampling basis. The idea is to
    ensure the customer gets a product or service with no damage, no missing
    parts, and no other problems. Error free. Every time.
  2. Develop a “process” standard. Run your internal processes according to well-
    defined steps that you can measure. The idea is to keep your production
    process consistent from the time the order comes to the moment the
    customer receives the product. Error free. All the time.
  3. Measure, post and discuss these metrics regularly. Reward good results.



  1. Build the product or deliver the service using the least number of
    minutes/hours over the shortest time period, within the best-cost
    parameters, with the least shutdown or machine set-up time. Every time. All
    the time.
  2. Measure, post, and discuss these metrics regularly. Reward good results.


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