The Catholic Economy, Part 6: Transitioning Your Family to the Catholic Economy

4 ways to transition your family to a Catholic economy

The point of these four ideas is to create a Catholic economy where Catholic families can operate as independently as possible from the culture.

In a Catholic economy, Catholics would operate as an economic block and cause some change in the culture. These four ideas for actually sequential steps that you could take inside of your family to transition from the old economy, which is kind of a wage economy where one of the parents or both of the parents are out working in corporate culture. They would then move to a traditional Catholic family model that is more poised for the way the world is increasingly looking.

If you're working in the corporate world, you understand that the culture is gradually pressing in and it's causing inconvenience and concern for Catholics. At some point, we're going to see that it will become impossible to remain Catholic and stay in your job. You're going to have to choose.


Step 1: create an entrepreneurial spirit in the home

Just like we create a prayerful spirit. We're all trying to be holy as heads of families, mothers, and fathers. We're trying to get our children, our spouse, and ourselves to heaven. That's the ultimate goal. 

  • talk about business- create a positive atmosphere to discuss what's going on in business. 
  • talk about the ethics, the morals, the principles of certain business activities that go on. Do it at the dinner table.
  • study business at home. We could actually assign children. Let's say young children, teenagers study a particular business.
  • have your kids join investment clubs at an early age under the guidance of somebody that knows what they're talking about. Hopefully someone at the parish, rather than out in the secular community where you can introduce Catholic values and kind of sustain the Catholic principles while teaching investment principles.
  • If someone has an aptitude in the family, it doesn't hurt to have them develop the actual expertise, in a  course of study
  • visit businesses 


Step 2: train your children to be entrepreneurs through work

  • for a a teenager, the classical method has always been snow shoveling, lawn cutting, yard maintenance, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, etc.
  • have them start their own business and they actually take their skill and apply it. They can even hire their colleagues, their friends, and they make a little bit of money and they can pay their way through a university.


Step 3: start your own business

  • schools emphasize getting a job. They're going to train your children to be participants in the wage economy in a certain sense.
  • I'm not against that principle, but if we're truly wanting to be Catholics independent of the culture and moving towards a new Catholic economy, we're going to want to avoid training for a job and starting our own businesses.

Step 4: start a multi-generational business

  • This creates permanent independence from the culture. It is just like families did historically where generations upon generations worked on the farm on the land or in a trade.
  • I'm not saying return to primitive approaches. Use the technology, use all of the conveniences that have been developed.
  • these businesses should respond to times, respond to changing conditions, be smart, pivot properly, use all the conveniences and the modern tools

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