What to do if You Face Board Fatigue

We have assisted clients in the past who are beginning their CEO gig or are part way through it and begin to see board “fatigue” (either in a business or not for profit setting).

What are best practices to deal with this?

  1. Watch for an inward focus, a certain lethargy, a lack of drive, and a shortage
    of creativity. Chronicle an honest and complete report card.
  2. Initiate a “microscopic truth” conversation. Use your best diplomatic skills
    but probe into this problem, first with the board chair and ultimately with
    the executive committee or full board.
  3. Create a skills matrix for future board members or as stretch goals for
    present board members. Socialize this list.
  4. Initiate a strategy process. Lead from your CEO seat.
  5. Bring forward creative initiatives regularly – each board meeting.
  6. Set a timeline. Get ready to either succeed or move on.

Our great team assists clients daily with this and other strategy challenges. We help principled leaders excel!

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